Top 3 Hot USB Flash Drive Deals For Your Secret Files

Looking for a new USB stick that can store more information than Chuck Bartowski? Here are a few of the latest and coolest USB flash drives you can get at a hot price right now:
1. Crucial 8GB Gizmo Jr £11.37 delivered (found by Ashe): This tiny USB measures only 12.4 mm (w) by 34.3 mm (l) by 2.2mm (t). In visual terms, that's half the size of a stick of gum (just don't store it with your gum and swallow it by accident).

It weighs 1.62 g, meaning after sticking it in your wallet, you'd barely feel the difference. The 10% off promo right now + 7% Quidco means the 8GB version works out at only £11.37 delivered [Direct Link to Crucial]

Tip: dcx_badass suggested making your own tiny sized USB stick using this micro USB 2.0 SDHC TF card reader from DealExtreme costing only $1.83 with free shipping and a micro SD card. Genius. But Scrumpypaul does warn that you could snap the card in half when getting it out of the reader. So try not to do that...

2. SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive 8GB £8.99 (found by thisismark): This price is nothing special, having been posted numerous times before on HUKD. But Cruzers in my opinion are some of the best drives out there, so worth a mention. Note: Computerman points out in another thread that the 16GB stick is available for just £15.50 from Play or Amazon, if you need that kind of space, works out a pretty good deal per GB.

Only thing to note is that the bigger the drive, apparently the slower the transfer rate.The reason I love the Cruzer so much is the ability to run USB software with its built in U3 application, which includes USB security. *Note that the U3 feature doesn't work in Macs. [Play] SanDisk 4GBCruzer Micro USB Flash Drive Value Triple Pack - £14.99 (found by iamdamien): 8GB too much? Rather have a few USB sticks for friends/family instead? Consider this value multi pack. 4GB is plenty for most people, and after Quidco. Also, UCAS student card holders and Varsity card holders get a further 5% off  [Play]

Reader Marker warns: "I've got a couple of the 2GB Cruzer Micro skin drives and despite always being very careful with removing them the "safe" way one of them got corrupted and is now useless. I went through the drawn-out RMA (returns claim) procedure with Sandisk and was finally told that I'll need to ship the defective drive to an address in the Czech Republic in appropriate bubble-padded packaging. This would cost me at least as much as buying a new 2GB drive and incur a 3+ week waiting time." Worth bearing in mind (thanks, Marker)

Finally, if you don't have a USB Memory Card Reader, AndyFisher100 found a pretty good one @ Poundland for just £1 supporting both SD and MMC.


  • Weiner
    Not really hot deals are they.
  • Amanda H.
    Mention Quidco one more time, and I wont be your fwend anymore.
  • Andy B.
    Marker must be an idiot. Warranty claims are always with the retailer and not with the manufacturer. I would demand a refund from wherever he got it from, as it was not fit for purpose for a reasonable amount of time (usually five years). Even if they attempt to refer him to sandisk, it's still their responsibility to replace it.
  • MuppetsRus
    Gizmo junior deal is out of date you eejit. Is now £18.39 full price. Do your homework on a 3 week old deal!
  • USB D.
    How do I add this to my RSS reader? Sorry I'm a newbie :(
  • Taio C.
    Hey, superb post.

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