TomTom sold your satnav data to help police set up speed traps

TomTomTomTom has apologised for selling customer data from your stanav which the police then used to set speed traps.

The company confessed that they'd been giving data to Dutch police who used it to target drivers.

TomTom chief executive Harold Goddijn said the company sold the anonymous data believing it would be used to improve safety or relieve traffic bottlenecks.

"We never foresaw this kind of use and many of our clients are not happy about it."

"We make this information available to local governments and authorities. It helps them to better understand where congestion takes place, where to build new roads and how to make roads safer.

"We are now aware that the police have used traffic information that you have helped to create to place speed cameras at dangerous locations where the average speed is higher than the legally allowed speed limit. We are aware a lot of our customers do not like the idea and we will look at if we should allow this type of usage."

Many UK based customers aren't too thrilled about this, with some quoted on social networking sites saying that they would 'Never use TomTom again.' Will we see a similar apology from the UK wing of the company?


  • Milky
    Hand over fist money making cuntish brand peddlars! Piss poor, how damaging!? ...very I hope, P.S. apologies are cheap currency!
  • The B.
    Okay, I'll bite, what's a "stanav"?
  • member
    And then they sell the camera database back to us!
  • Brad
    Cunts. I feel this covers all base's.
  • Speedy B.
    Who gives a shit, the police put up more cameras, Tomtom add them to the database. The TomTom speeding users who give the info in the first place, are fine! Cause we have TomTom!! Yay!
  • Skymarshall
    Moral of the story - Don't speed and there won't be an issue.
  • SpudGunner
    Dont feed Skymarshall the troll
  • callum
    How dare the police enforce the law! Who do they think they are, the police?
  • poopants
    I think you're missing the point. It's important to have speeding motorists in order to keep the accident rate sufficient enough to keep paramedics, vehicle repair centre staff and motor insurance employees in employment. If everyone were to drive safely, the accident rate would fall, and these poor people could lose their jobs! They've got kids to feed for fucks sake... Have a heart!!
  • Retail T.
    Oh no! Are dickhead dangerous drivers getting caught speeding? Jeez.
  • Milky
    @retail techie ...not all speeding is dangerous, not all speeders are tossers, alot of folk are merely using an empty section of road on a good day not necessarily veering dangerously around cyclists & tractors, I say this a s a cyclist amongst other things. This is just flogging your info to make cash, then when found out they bring out the p.r. officer to make it look like a genuine concern. The twist is they are genuinely concerned ..about profits!
  • Anon
    Fact, motorways accidents are not due to excessive speed, its driver error! So this BS about speeding is the major culprit of accidents is all crap. Car drivers are cash cows for these leeches, i do hope that hundreds more speed cameras go up. Then everyone slow down and make them a pointless waste of millions of taxpayers money and people in charge are fired!
  • Maurice G.
    I know I'm late to the party on this one, but feel compelled to comment. "We never foresaw this kind of use" What a load of naive bullshit. Like they gave a toss what it's used for...Hmm, let me think...the more people get caught, the more speed camera database updates they sell. Bye Bye TomTom, bye bye.
  • Tom T.
    Unbelievable! Never again will I EVER buy a TomTom product! Grade A, Class 1 CUNTS!
  • Alan
    TomTom's have been going down hill anyway. The latest range of low end products are intentionally crippled (low res screen, cut down menu interface), to try force you to buy the more expensive models. TBH though, if you're stupid enough to break the speed limit, and to allow that data to be recorded and uploaded to TomTom, then more the fool you. Imagine if that data could personally identify you and you got a nice £60 fine + 3 penalty points in the post for each offence - I suspect thousands would stand to lose their licenses ;)
  • mick
    i think one vital point has been missed here ......... it says the data has been sold to the DUTCH police... W T F . has that got to do with UK users
  • Maurice G.
    @mick No point missed by me. This proves the morals, or lack thereof, of TomTom as a company. How do you know they've not done the same in the UK, but not been found out?
  • mick
    pure speculation m8 .. virtually every company you have dealings with will sell your info on ....thats just the way of the world now

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