Ticketmaster investigates mailout hack

14 February 2012

A typical rock band, this morning

Ticketmaster has a grass roots wing in the UK called TicketWeb. Sadly for them, they've become the victim of a hack, leaving the company investigating how spammers managed to sneak into the mailing list and send out a load of phishing emails to a number of people on the database.

In an email to all TicketWeb’s UK users, the company said:

“We have discovered that our TicketWeb UK direct email marketing system was exposed to unauthorised access. As a result, you may have received up to four emails on Saturday, February the 11th, from an unauthorised party with the subject as ‘Action Required: Update Your PDF Application’ and containing a link to update an Adobe Acrobat PDF application. Please do not click this link, but delete the email”.

The company assured users that they'd taken “immediate action to close the vulnerability” and that credit card data had not been accessed during the attack.

Sadly, users stupid enough to click the link in the email may have entered credit card details when asked. If that's the case, you might want to contact your card issuer immediately.

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  • Dick
    That's good old Derek Dick.
  • zeddy
    That dick, Derek is bald as a coot now and Mr Rothery next to him has put on more than a little beef. They can still play a bit too, although sadly without Dick.
  • Dick
    Marillion are a bit like Black Lace, in that they aren't who they say they are to those that remember them.
  • Garden P.
    I would not have considered Marrilion as a "Typical rock band". Would be great if Fishy Dick appeared as a real hero in an Aylesbury Market Square once more.
  • zeddy
    @Garden Party: it was only a brief affair - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwy2nFSyASU
  • ade w.
    They look nothing like that now...Old, fat, bald, grey and a different singer. They used to be good. Now they're shit! HA HA

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