Three's Home Signal boxes fail

three Three decided to try and shore up the mobile blackspots of the UK with some booster boxes. Nice idea right? Well, it is great if they actually work.

Seems customers have been hopping mad that Three's devices aren't doing what they're supposed to, with the femtocell Home Signal units creating blackouts.

Previously, Three have described the Home Signal as "a great way to make calls and send texts if you have trouble getting signal indoors". Basically, by using your internet connection, you can make and receive calls. However, it looks like they've been failing and customers are irked.

"Three are usually very good and I've not had any issues with them before, but the scale of this seems big and no one at Three has bothered to make any kind of statement or press release," one customer told Giz. "It’s not good for those who are sat at home with no way to call Three and find out what’s going on."

This appears to have been a problem over the whole of the Bank Holiday and there's still problems now, with no word on what's going on. So if you know someone who lives in the sticks and they're on Three, they might not be ignoring you. At least you can tell yourself that anyway.


  • Philk
    Three HomeSignal still not working for me. Got a text last night saying taking longer to fix than they expected but heard nothing since. Three-in-touch been suggested but, of course, it doesn't work with Windows Phone!
  • Eaglesman
    Wish 3 would say what is wrong and why it is taking so long to fix the home signal.

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