Three unlimited data plans arrive, killing excess charges

8 March 2012

three (1) Three has launched a range of new unlimited smart phone contracts, alongside a bunch of tariffs that promise not to smack you square in the bills with extra charges if you go over your limit.

Sounds good doesn't it?

Three joins Orange, GiffGaff and T-Mobile in offering unlimited data contracts, with the new unlimited plans starting at £18 per month, offering between 100 and 1,000 minutes of calls.

If you hit the 250MB limit on the Essential Internet tariff, you won't be able to connect to the internet any more, instead, you'll receive a text message inviting you to top up.

There has been huge criticism toward phone networks over data charges and have chided networks for not being too vocal about the limits on their tariffs, and indeed, the extra charges that accompany breaches of those limits.

Ernest Doku, of price comparison site, thinks that the shift from minutes to data reflects a change in the way we use our phones. "Out-of-bundle charges are the main reason why consumers are reluctant to unleash the full potential of their smart phones and get online," he says.

"Many don't make the most of their full data allowance due to the fear of exceeding it and overspending. Three's new tariff will take away this data usage fear. Many users would rather incur out-of-bundle charges on data in those situations where they need to get online quickly."

The new tariffs are available tomorrow, leaving you with the question - would you rather get cut-off to save you from a nasty bill, or would your rather things stay as they are, allowing you to get online in an emergency?

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  • Richard
    Now where have I seen this before? Oh yeah... It's fecking word for word Mof... Not even primary school kids get away with this kind of plagiarism! :-P
  • klingelton
    if you don't want to run up a massive bill, get PAYG. they've had that facility for years.
  • JonB
    "allowing you to get online in an emergency" I can't think of an emergency which would mean I had to get online...
  • The B.
    I can’t think of an emergency which would mean I had to get online… You're being held at knifepoint by Katie Price and she wants you to crack one off otherwise she'll kill you. Problem is that all you can see is her face which is making you as flacid as an iPhone user, whip out your flash enabled smart phone, start streaming filth and you're ready for action in a Ron Jeremy stylee.
  • Mof p.
    Nice to see the cnet article being reproduced on here, congrats at stealing someone else's work and trying to pass it off on your own, moron.
  • regular n.
    This bullshit site just gets worse and worse
  • Mary W.
    Please tell me Ernest's wife is called Sue.....
  • ohthehypocrisy
    WOW! unf..believable... this site always blasts the guys that plagiarize other peoples work yet above article is blatent copy paste. What the f*** dont be like the government & be double standards/ hypocrites. Thats just f***ed up.

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