Three to run out of spectrum in 2012, which is just brilliant

29 September 2011

threePeople who use Three mobiles are forever complaining about how useless their network is.

Well, there's some good news for you! It's only going to get worse!

See, Three have warned that it could well run out of network capacity by the end of 2012 which means frustration for all as your data dries up and cracks like soil in the heat.

This is all to do with the spectrum auction which is going on at the moment and, which could well be worsened by the feeling that Three's rivals - O2, Everything Everywhere and Vodafone - could well try to delay the auction, which is like frying a bug with a magnifying glass in the sun.

They're a nice lot aren't they?

David Dyson, the CEO of Three, says, ""There is a huge financial incentive for rival operators to delay the auction. We are worried that the other three will attempt to squeeze us out of the market."

The imminent sale of spectrum has already been delayed because the auction terms have been challenged by the networks. In the case of O2, they're not ruling out further complaints, which could hold everything up even more.

Across the board, this means that the whole of the UK is going to have to wait even longer for 4G.

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  • Dick
    Go to their site ... You see that big "Hello". That's how loud you are going to need to talk to get heard.
  • The B.
    I never understood the point of 3, Hutchison sold Orange to start it up as the new hip 3G network, but it consistently failed to deliver. One wonders what would happen if they'd kept Orange, perhaps Orange would still be a decent network?
  • Hick
    Orange will just absorb 3 like they did with TMobile and give themselves a new name like 'Omnipotent Paradox'.
  • Christopher R.
    "People who use Three mobiles are forever complaining about how useless their network is." People do? If you take a look at the coverage maps published by ofcom about a year ago you'll see three has the best 3g coverage in the uk. They also use orange for their 2g coverage which means out of all the networks they do have the best coverage.
  • DrDark
    @Chris: If I remember correctly, 3 no longer have a deal with Orange for 2G coverage. Regardless, I've been using them for over 4 years and they've only continued to improve, both in value for money and extended network coverage. Conversely O2 fail to get anything above Edge in damned office in Central London.
  • Vatten F.
    "People who use Three mobiles are forever complaining about how useless their network is" Too right. I'll never deal with these useless bastards and their Phonejacker call call centre ever again.
  • Tin
    @Vatten Foutre Good luck with that. You'll find they're all as shit as each other. Voda act as if they're doing you a favour, o2 have lovely uk call centre staff but no action to back them up (plus a network thats on it's arse) and EE are somewhere in-between. Massive, massive opportunity in the UK for someone to set up a mobile network that is actively maintained and monitored, with decent customer service...

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