Thom Yorke helps to launch online music tool... just after slagging off Spotify

thom yorke Musicians, as you know, are never, ever hypocrites. Take for example, Radiohead's Thom Yorke, who recently lambasted Spotify for how little it pays in royalties. He even went as far as taking some of his music off the service.

That's because Thom Yorke isn't wealthy enough and his band aren't thunderingly huge and Spotify is clearly hindering his process.

Despite the fact that, per person, Spotify is better value for the artist than the radio (which he has no problem with), he's still terribly unhappy about it all. Forbes wrote something much smarter than we could manage on the whole thing, and you can read it here.

With Thom unhappy about Spotify, it's funny that he's part of a group called Atoms For Peace and they just happen to be giving their public backing to an online music portal called 'soundhalo'.

Soundhalo is a new thing that enables us penny-coughing plebs to watch high quality video of live performances on your various gadgets. He could moan about these things robbing people of the real live experience, one of the few places artists still make a bit of dough (if they're already successful you understand). He could complain that people don't buy physical albums anymore, and that the last thing we need is someone muscling in on the live arena too.

He could, but he won't.

Of course, soundhalo aren't too forthcoming about the royalties that will be paid to artists that feature on their service. As it is smaller and newer, we can assume that they won't get near Spotify's generous payments. And can we assume that soundhalo are already in bed with all the major record labels, a group of people Thom Yorke has been quick to chastise in the past when giving out his albums for 'free'?

Could it be that Thom Yorke is being an arch tit again? Just like the time Radiohead fooled everyone with a comma - "we won't be doing interviews, to promote our album" - it seems their dreary frontman is at it again.

Everyone give him a slow handclap.


  • huhu
    Weird tone. Dreary frontman? Slow handclaps? What's gone wrong, mof? You're better than this.
  • amazon s.
    Hmmm, someone must have forgotten their In Rainbows album which was completely free to download. Mof used to be Fitter, happier and more productive than this.
  • So T.
    Skelly eyed twat. Such a pity, he used to make some decent music before he disappeared up his own arse.
  • Celebrity S.
    Why have you used a picture of what seems to be a 60 year old tramp , couldn`t you find a picture of Mr Yorke himself ?
  • badger
    "Spare change for a cup o' tea mate?

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