The Nexus One from Google - let the App Store wars commence

5 January 2010

The Nexus One handset - hailed the first serious threat to the iPhone - was officially launched this evening. It's been christened the first "super phone" - not surprisingly, by Google themselves. Offering spec that puts certain aspects of Apple's current iPhone to shame, you can order your Nexus One unlocked through the Google Store right store for $529, or wait a couple of months for a subsidised version to launch on Vodafone.

Here's the official Nexus One video - only 371 people have watched it so far so you're amongst the first in the world, you lucky devils:

Some very quick stats: the Nexus One has a 800 x 480 pixel screen, is as thin as a pencil and lighter than a Swiss Army Knife. That's your deal breaker for a new phone, right? We thought so. There's a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, a removable battery and Bluetooth - all wins compared to the iPhone - and for those of you wanting number porn, check out the specs here.

Not that it was a coincidence or anything like that, honest, but Apple had its own announcement today - three billion apps have been downloaded from the iTunes App Store since its launch 18 months ago. Steve Jobs found reason to comment on the achievement, saying "the revolutionary App Store offers iPhone and iPod touch users an experience unlike anything else available on other mobile devices, and we see no signs of the competition catching up anytime soon." Not sure what you're referring to, Steve.



  • bwah h.
    Looks ok. Nothing amazing though.
  • Rolly
    How can it beat the iPhone, Apple always spec everything really highly and price it so competitively. ;)
  • Alistair
    Why must they compare to the Jesus phone? With Android you can make phone calls which don't suddenly cut off for no reason. They don't ship it with hardware that's been disabled so they can 'give' you something extra in the next release of their software. The battery might last a normal working mans shift without disabling all the clever stuff. I could go on. Plus the major point you don't look a complete dick when you take it out your pocket in public. Good luck to them I no need a reason to change phone early...
  • Gunn
    looks good, I need an alt to the jesus phone as I just can't be seen with one
  • Gadget f.
    Specs aren;t everything. Loads of other phones have better specs than the iPhone, but they just aren't as user friendly. Be interesting to see how this one fares and whether the apps that it will run can compare to Apple's ones.
  • NellieIrrelevant
    Up to 250 hours standby? If that's exaggerated by 100%, that's still 5 days on standby. My iPhone, sorry Jesus phone, lasts 36 hours on a good day.
  • Wibble
    I see a Hero with a faster processor (not sure what they are really going to do with that? Better video perhaps?) and an LED flash. I will stick with my Hero, even if it has got the gay white case..... Just give me Eclair and stop messing about telling us it will be released for the Hero 'soon'.
  • Huge_Helmet
    36 Hours on a good day!? There are only 24 in a day...*haw haw gufaw gufaw hand on leg*
  • Las t.
    it didn't show the web browser, right now the n900 has set the standard for internet surfing on a phone if it can not exceed or match it, then it has failed its main objective as a "web phone"
  • Wibble
    Nokia don't show their browser on their glossy video either...
  • Wibble
    It's an HTC phone - which makes it more desirable than the Apple Clitorus to start with...Every cunt's got one!
  • dunfyboy
    "800 x 480 pixel screen, is as thin as a pencil and lighter than a Swiss Army Knife" "There’s a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, a removable battery and Bluetooth – all wins compared to the iPhone" Same as my Arena then. And that's shit. I don't mean shit compared to the iphone as it's shit as well. I just mean shit. Will this be the first phone to do everything properly or will it be another disappointment that makes me think about going back to one of my old phones because at least they do what they're supposed to?
  • Rolly
    1Ghz processor looks nice :) Screen is also much better than the iPhone :)
  • shadowfixer
    Yawn. turn by turn navigation... cool - if you are in an area with a signal - if you ever go anywhere else - still need your gps app. google make really nice apps for android - at the moment they are the killer reason to get an android phone. but the nexus - its not the game winner. me - i have an HD2.
  • James
    Does anyone look at the iphone and wish it had a better processor and screen? All seems to work pretty well to me. My only complaint is the camera which I just dont use.
  • Mexican W.
    Suprised there is no Google Wave app.
  • Nexus B.
    [...] Google launched their Nexus One handset – it’s been available through Google themselves since January, but today Vodafone have begun promoting the handset, by announcing… not very much at [...]
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