The very few things you need to know about Apple's new iPad Air.

23 October 2013

ipad air

There's so much boring, fawning waffle about Apple's latest announcements that we feel we should dispense with any sort of comment and go straight to some bullet points. Everyone else can churn out thousands of words - we'll give you something to glance at instead and you can make your own mind up.

- Apple's new laptops and iPads are lighter, thinner and faster.

- The Mac OSX software is now completely free for anyone who's bought an Apple computer since 2007.

- iMovie, Garageband and iWork have been updated and are now free with new Macs.

- The new iPad is called iPad air. It is slimmer and lighter than the last one. It has a retina display (which means 'Super duper HD').

- There's a new A7 processor.

- The new iPad mini is £319. The pocket sized version is £249. It is still cheaper to buy other tablets, basically.

There you go. That's it. So if you were in the market for new Apple products anyway, then these will be good for you. If you wanted an Apple product and hoped it would be considerably cheaper, then it isn't.

For longform pieces about what this all means, please direct your attention to the Guardian who will still be rubbing their genitals with excitement.

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  • Marky M.
    iMovie, Garageband and iWork always used to be free anyway - so thanks for nothing, Apple.
  • jokester2
    More overpriced crap with important features missing….. yawn

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