The robots are coming! To clean!

Robot Uprising update: It looks like Dyson are about to launch a robot hoover.

According to a new YouTube teaser, various Dyson types - or at least actors doing a splendid job - are seen looking at a mysterious unseen thing, which moves about a bit occasionally, but remains in the shadows.

Also, said thing appears to have Dyson's location-analysis technology.

If you factor in Dyson's investment in a new robotics vision lab at Imperial College in the London, it's feasible that they collective mindset have come up with a dream clean machine.

They've teased the date September 4th as the big reveal, so that's only a week's worth of sleepless nights. Or it could be an elaborate trailer for the next Aphex Twin album.

You can never tell these days.

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  • Pie M.
    Couldn't give a fuck. I have had the misfortune to own one of their cumbersome, over-complicated and monstrously overpriced vacuum non cleaners, so as long as I have a hole in my arse I will never buy another of their products.

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