The return of the ZX Spectrum

new spectrum The Sinclair ZX Spectrum is being revived thanks to a Kickstarter project from gaming company Elite (their Speccy release of Airwolf, incidentally, was one of the most infuriating game ever), who are attempting to raise £60,000 by the end of January.

What are their aims? Well, they want to release a Bluetooth version of the iconic Spectrum keyboard which will be compatible with tablets and smartphones.

Elite say that it will have a default ‘GAME Layer’ mode "so the Bluetooth ZX Spectrum acts as a controller for the Bluetooth ZX Spectrum running on iOS / Android (and later Windows) phones and tablets. In this mode it offers authentic, rubber-key play control over the Bluetooth ZX Spectrum apps."

There will also be an optional ‘QWERTY Layer’ mode, where the Bluetooth ZX Spectrum acts as a Bluetooth keyboard where you'll be able to send emails and play games with the other apps and programs on your PC or Mac.

If the Kickstarter is successful, the new Spectrum will retail for somewhere between £39.99 and £49.99. There's more info on Elite's BluetoothZXSpectrum page or, if you want to watch some videos and looks their Kickstarter, then click here.


  • samuri
  • jim
    yay - welcome back spectrum
  • Big M.
  • Myles
    I have 8 sinclair spectrums at home.....1 in box with receipt....the speccy never died nor did it leave my heart! made me laugh.

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