The Nexus One - the smartest smartphone to date?

31 December 2009

More videos are cropping up of Google's new Nexus One handset, including this rather crisp demonstration video - the screen quality and user interface look very shiny indeed. Will it provide the first serious competition for the iPhone? It's expected to be revealed to the world at a press conference taking place at Google HQ in five days time. We still haven't received our invite, oddly:


  • Kevin
    Revealed but how long until it's actually available at a decent price to the general public all round the world? Does look very nice, and a lot closer to the best elements of an iphone which is where most smart phones have gone wrong.
  • The B.
    I'd have it but really, T-Mobile?? Not very likely is it, I want a provider that's competent, not some bunch of fecktards who don't know their arse from their elbow.
  • Huge_Helmet
    Looks great! Now we can laugh at all those turds that went out and bought the 3GS about a month ago on 18month contracts
  • Dave
    I'd still take the HD2 over this
  • Junkyard
    Dave - the HD2 certainly looks sexier to me, and the hardware is perhaps better, but it's lumbered with Windows Mobile. That alone is enough to put me off, YMMV.
  • Dave's N.
    Great... a portable Nintendo 64... are we really almost in 2010???
  • Big G.
    Yup..Windows os no thx
  • meh
    Ppicked up the fixed TG01 for £150 brand new from the orange shop this week - its pretty good to be honest considering the newy PAYG price - does what I need for the time being, try getting hold of a HD2 - for under £400 without a contract Maybe in April we may get a sniff of this, but what will HTC have out by then =- the UK is a joke for decent phone tech
  • Jephro
    Oh. Another toy telephone from HTC. Does it have useful things, like a long battery life? Or a user-replaceable battery? Are there a good number of available accessories? What about physical UK support - can you take it somewhere to get it fixed within a couple of hours? Can it easily integrate with email accounts and calendars and contacts databases other than those held with Google? Has it got expandable memory? Is it actually any good for making and receiving telephone calls? Does the camera take decent photos? Indoors? These are the important things in a telephone - not whether or not it has got a 3D graphics card or multi-tap-touch pinch-zooming. I know many people with iPhones who love every aspect of them - apart from having to use them as a telephone. I know someone with a HTC Hero. He loves it - apart from the battery needing recharging before the end of the day and all the graphics being jerky (an underspecified processor). I know someone with a HTC T-Mobile G1. He loves it - apart from it not doing some really basic things (e.g. playing video) without a third-party application being bought. I have a BlackBerry Bold 9700. Battery life isn't ever a concern. If I forget to charge it one night, I know getting through the second (and even well into the third) day is not a problem, even with a decent amount of use. Having a telephone that needs charging more than once in a 24 hour period is simply unthinkable. It integrates with all my social network sites, email accounts, calendars, online messengers, etc. better than any friend's iPhone or Android device. It's also an excellent mobile telephone. Granted, though, I can't download an app that makes my phone produce a farting sound.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    @ Jephro... Yes HTC phones do have some shortcomings, like all phones. I have a Hero myself. 1. Since when did HTC devices not have a user-replaceable battery? 2. what is wrong with integrating with Google accounts for contacts / e-mail etc? I believe the Hero can also integrate with Exchange servers too? 3. The Hero has expandable memory - micro SD. 4. Telephone calls - fine thanks. 5. Battery life - set up correctly I can achieve 2 1/2 to 3 days. I could go on.... no phone is perfect though.

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