The new skin tones for emoji are here (and more Apple updates)

9 April 2015

Emojis-diverse Apple have revamped their emoji after some noticed that they weren't very diverse. With the new software update iOS 8.3, users will now get over 300 new emoji and a redesigned keyboard. Now, the emoji come in a variety of skin tones.

People will non-Apple phones won't see any difference on their timeline, which is making for some strange tweets and in some cases, the emoji doesn't even show up at all, making a mess of some timelines, but there you go.

Apple created the new emoji with the Unicode Consortium, and the yellow one is the standard icons, with a variety of more realistic skin tones based on the Fitzpatrick scale, which is the standard used by dermatologists.

Some people, after the update, can't see any difference. Here's how to access them: Select the emoji you want to use and then press and hold. That will bring up different icons to use, just like when you want to choose a special character in text, or whatever.

Apple's update also addresses some other things, such as better performance for app launch and responsiveness. They've improved some issues with WiFi and Bluetooth. There's other stuff going on as well and if you want to know about all the improvements, click here.

There's more support regarding languages for Siri - there's now support for Siri in English (India, New Zealand), Danish (Denmark), Dutch (Netherlands), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian (Russia), Swedish (Sweden), Thai (Thailand) and Turkish (Turkey).

There's also another 32 new country flags to play with as well.

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