The new iPhone is going to be 'champagne gold'

gold iphone Apple's updated and latest iPhone 5 is due to hit the shelves in September and, as well as the much rumoured budget option, it seems that a new colour option will be gold.

Of course, this could stick in the craw for Apple fans who like the simple, minimal devices they've put out so far. This rather ostentatious handset is anything but 'minimal'. But it is ultra lurid?

"Think champagne, not ingot," said a source.

Another rumour site - iMore - said that gold is "among the easiest colors to anodize onto an iPhone." For those who don't know, anodizing is the process where aluminium alloys are tinted with another shades.

This new gold casing shouldn't look like Mr T's neck though. It is rumoured that the phone will have a white face above and below the screen, with the gold featuring on the edges and backplate. As for a new budget model, that'll have a plastic case, which means they'll be available in a host of garish colours, no doubt.

The new devices are expected to be announced by Apple on September 10th.

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  • salmonmax
    "Think 1980s Ford Cortina, not ingot" said someone quietly.

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