The new Apple iOS is bricking iPads

new iOS bricking iPads

If you're reading these words on your iPad, and you haven't downloaded the latest iOS from Apple, you might want to wait before you do.

Apple's 9.3.2 version, which was released this week, is crashing some iPads. Notably, it is bricking iPad Pro 9.7 inch models. Users are complaining that their devices are freezing, and asking them to plug them into iTunes.

It seems, once again, Apple's 'it just works' maxim, is proving to not be the case.

Apple's update is supposed to have fixed some bugs, and has moved some menus around.

Apple's Support on Twitter has advised that people affected by this problem should restore their iPads through iTunes. That's all well and good, but for a number of people, this is not fixing the problem.

If you've spent £500 (or more) on one of these iPads, this will be a massive kick in the pants.

Apple haven't released a fix for this issue as yet, but they are sure to do that soon with a further update.

According to Apple's error code support document, error 56 is a hardware problem, and they recommend installing the latest version of iTunes, checking for issues with third-party security software, and attempting a restore twice.

This isn't working for everyone, however. Apple, it's over to you for something to patch this up.

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