The naked truth about Google vs Microsoft's Bing

If you're looking for informed, concise opinion on the search engine war brewing between Google and Microsoft's Bing, forget the fake Steve Jobs and just screw off Leo Laporte, Techcrunch and anybody else you've come to trust. Because now you've got The Sun and Page 3 girl Ruth:

Yes, The Sun has today ploughed into the browser debate and left no stone unturned, firing its big guns when it comes to no-nonsense critique of Bing's capabilities:

It's that sort of mass-appeal technobabble that makes The Sun the UK's favourite newspaper. Next week, Ruth discusses the merits of Ruby On Rails and investigates the history of Fermat's Last Theorem. Possibly not, but it's an article in a national newspaper written by the paper's Head of Search. You won't a better comparison of the two services anywhere, and that's a scientific fact. At least, Ruth told us it was.


  • David
    left no stone unturned, firing it’s big guns WRONG. The possessive of IT is ITS.
  • The B.
    He's right you know, it is its, I find myself making that mistake all the time and then having to change it when I proof-read.
  • Jeffrey A.
    BW, can you please stop resizing your images using a slide rule. Awful. Ta!
  • Mike e.
    Page 3, that reminds me, it's (and that's the correct use of it's BW) national melons day peeps, so lets all celibrate and go outside and grab ourselves some melons.
  • Mike e.
    However, that is not the correct use of celebrate, fucks sake...
  • Jeffrey A.
    Lets all celibrate Mike's spelling :(
  • Eddy
    yeah but you still would ;)
  • Jeffrey A.
    No, I wouldn't, because I have the gay!
  • Daily D.
    It's good to know you can count on The Sun. Or should that be The Scum? The best thing about the death of Michael Jackson was that The Sun finally removed the link on their menu to Jade Goody.
  • zeddy
    @Daily Mail Dave: Aren't you knowledgable about your "scum"?
  • Nobby
    > The possessive of IT is ITS. When I look at that, why do I just see TITS?
  • Mike e.
    It's national melons day Nobby, tis why. (Please note correct use of 'it's' not 'its' 'tits' or 'tit's')

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