The most amazing USB cable the world has ever known

5 January 2012


You probably looked at the image to the right of these words and thought 'By Jove! That's a very, very beautiful thing!' before fiddling around in your undercrackers and getting off over the ludicrous majesty of it all.

With that, it won't surprise you that this beautiful, aspirational USB cable is made by Vertu, the luxury wing of Nokia and comes with a hefty price-tag to boot.

This amazing "Data Cable" features the futuristic sounding advent of... wait for it... "High Speed USB 2.0" and will set you back $190.

Add tax and shipping to that and you'll be coughing up coins over the $200 mark. Now, you may well be able to pick something incredibly similar elsewhere for a fraction of the price... but seriously, $200 is worth it. Just look at it!

If you'd like to buy one of these astonishing USB cables, then visit the Vertu site by clicking here.


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  • heywood j.
    I got it for $190 delivered, not feeling so smug now, are we ?
  • Mike H.
    Don't forget Quidco! There more you spend the more cashback you get!
  • Nokia K.
    STFU - we make more money from these than the Lumia.
  • JonB
    That's a lot cheaper than a Currys HDMI cable for your Xbox.
  • Tim
    If you're spending (for example) £10k on a phone, you don't care. However, this is a replacement. You get the cable in the box with the phone. Also only applies to older models. New ones have the standard micro-USB.
  • Wullie W.
    USB = used sauce bottles. Just so you all know* *humour

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