The last sound heard by an ex-Microsoft employee - Bing!

18 December 2009

This is one of those YouTube videos that may disappear before too long. It's possibly a wind-up, but it seems a very plausible first-hand account as to why Microsoft's Steve Ballmer would fire an employee. If you don't think the CEO is capable of acting like the crazed mentallist he's made out to be, watch this first before viewing the video below:

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  • Rich
    That bloke is fucking crazy, how can he get away with this shit? lol He reminds me of Amon Goeth from schindler's list. Crazy fuck.
  • Rich
    That bloke he's talking about sounds f*cking crazy, how can he get away with this sh1t? lol He reminds me of Amon Goeth from schindler's list. Crazy f*ck.
  • Mike B.
    Incredible but very funny!
  • NellieIrrelevant
    Not incredible at all... way too believable if you ask me.
  • me
    Please PS get a life!
  • Big C.
    Bing Balmer wouldn't make the CEO of my cat's arse. It talks so much .... and boy is he intelligent. I dont think so. I really feel sorry for MS investors.
  • Gary G.
    I feel so so sorry for anyone still working with that embarrassing, overweight, retarded big bald manbaby of a CEO. Steve Ballmer has repulsed me ever since I saw the windows 95 video of him huffing and panting excitedly up and down the stage. BING. I swear I would sooner code my own search engine than use that pile of overly competitive bullcrap. The day google stops doing what I want it to do.... I'll look for another option... but aiming to muscle in on what it has covered... what terrible, terrible business.

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