The iPhone 6 is coming early!

12 May 2014

Apple are so excited about the new iPhone that they are due to prematurely ejaculate it into the world a month earlier than previously anticipated - in August.


And it’s a big one. A version with a 11.9cm screen will go on sale in stores in August, and then in September, when it was originally due to be released, we’ll see a larger version, which will either measure 13.9 or 14.2cm, screen size fans! Well, that’s the approximate sizes according to those in the supply chain, so don’t blame us if it’s all wrong.

People everywhere are getting their rulers in a twist about the larger screens, and Mac fans have been busy imagining what it will look like in a series of fanciful drawings featuring little home buttons, no home buttons, loads of apps, curved screens and skinny dimensions.

But this year, it’s all about screen size, so that Apple can compete with the likes of Samsung, whose larger screen models are going great guns with consumers.

Cue millions of weird people queuing outside the Apple store with their hands down their pants in August.

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  • jokester4
    Let me guess: Still no proper bluetooth, video calling, NFC, etc.

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