The iPhone 6 could look like THIS

1 April 2014

A mock-up picture based on leaked plans for the iPhone 6 Air suggest that everyone’s favourite smartphone has lost a bit of weight. In fact, it’s so thin that it almost merits a ‘concerned’ article in the Daily Mail sidebar of shame, alongside a photo of it on the beach in a bikini looking sad.


A French website enlisted the help of a 3D artist, who created an image based on the schematics and specs of the iPhone 6, that somehow ended up on Japanese website, MacFan.

The superthin, superlight handset may have a larger screen with rounded edges and will allegedly come in a 4.7in and 5.7in versions. This goes against Apple CEO Tim Cook’s previous assertion that a larger screen size is harder to hold in the hand – but with larger screen models from Samsung, Nokia and HTC proving a hit, Apple might have changed its mind.

None of this has been confirmed, of course, but the MacRumour mill is obviously getting pretty excited, creating various visuals with curved screens and no home button.

Come June, we will all know the truth. And it will probably look a bit like the last one, but different.

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  • jokester4
    It might look OK but will still be extremely restrictive and lack various features found in cheaper, better phones!
  • Maddoguk
    So the new iPhone will look like and Samsung Galaxy S2/3/4 - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Shame the OS is so dull and restrictive.
  • Alarm l.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^ Fanboy alert Fanboy alert Fanboy alert Fanboy alert Fanboy alert
  • David
    I wish they'd lower the price so more of the Android customers could try the real thing instead of always settling for cheap Samsung rip-offs
  • jokester4
    ^ LMFAO. You have things the wrong way round - Android phones are the real thing, iPhones are just restrictive limited-function basic small-screen devices that are far more expensive than superior devices. iPhones may have come out first, but Android phones quickly overtook them half a decade ago and that will never change because Apple don't want it to (and admitted a long time ago that Android would win).
  • Simes123
    Android is for poor people apparently.
  • jokester4
    ^ I think that article just shows that iOS users have far more money than sense. Android users are much more likely to appreciate the value of money, since they haven't just spent £600 on a low-spec phone.
  • Steve
    I'm a teacher in an inner city school with a very high percentage of free school meals. The majority of our parents have android phones, very few have either iphones or indeed (for a play on words) 'jobs'. There must be some correlation between receiving benefits and owning crap phones, surely. Those of you who have posted about owning Samsungs etc here- how many of you are unlikely to see a pay packet in the next two years!
  • jokester4
    ^ No, but there is a correlation between people who have far more money than they need and buying overpriced designer crap.

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