The internet - what's that all about then?

Just what is the internet? It’s a question that itself asks many more other questions. Can you hold an internet? Does it have legs or wheels? Does it fold down and fit into a piece of luggage? If you cooked the internet, what would it taste of?

Hopefully some of those questions are answered by Sir Stephen Fry and other clever people in this short explanation film, as made by notorious prankster Cassetteboy…


  • MyOtherUserNameIsAFerarri
    I Dont have sound on my PC so couldnt possibly comment on this. Its probably shit though.
  • acecatcher3
    a little hungover are we andy lol
  • Esarty
    They seemed to gloss over the whole turtle thing
  • Nobby
    Stephen Fry doesn't know the difference between the internet and email. Last night on QI he asked something about what most of the internet is made up of. He then went on to say only 1% is porn. The majority (70% of something) he claimed to be spam, adverts for viagra and penis enlargers and so on. He clearly has the internet and email confused. Stupid cockmuncher.
  • MickeyB
    Stephen Fry saying 'LOL' made me chuckle.
  • lutin
    @MyOtherUserNameIsAFerarri Unfortunately for you IT'S ABSOLUTELY AWESOME.
  • charitynjw
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  • charitynjw
  • goon
    its shit. you are lucky you had no speakers

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