The Internet was invented in 1969. Know this.

Did you know that the Internet was invented by Pete Townsend out of The Who back in 1971? It’s true, well at least according to Pete anyway. His song ‘Relay’ clearly spells out the future as we know it today, with lyrics like “Relay, things are brewin’; Relay, something’s doin’; Relay, there’s a revolution; Relay, relay, hand me down a solution, yeah.” OK Pete, whatever mate.

Everyone knows the net was invented two years earlier, when this film (below) appeared. Look at it, it’s all there, just as we know it now. The wife does the shopping on her personal console while the husband pays for it all on his own console (where he probably watches special ‘personal’ films when she’s not in)

There’s even online banking, although back in 1969 they seemed to think it would involve someone at the bank getting a paper printout of the man’s bank statement and shoving it under a rostrum camera before transmitting it to him. Maybe it’s Ken Morse.

As for email, well that’s sort of like how we have it now, only written with a pen instead of a computer keyboard. For some reason, no one seems to have linked this miraculous futuristic system with the humble typewriter keyboard. Web 2.0 would probably include communicating by grunting into a yogurt pot that’s been fastened to the computer with a piece of string.

No mention of the fact that the system will also be used by people to illegally download millions of songs, movies and games… and to look at videos of a cat playing the keyboards.



  • Lefty
    "where he probably watches special ‘personal’ films when she’s not in" Probaly not his own special 'personal' films, somebody elses more like.
  • Jetpac
    Im sorry but No. i wasn't going to post. and usually i hate the posts slating things on here, but this is just WRONG. The Idea of connected terminals may have been coined in this video but in truth such a thing was already happening with the space programs. But that wasn't the internet. An Idea does not constitute an invention.
  • Steve
    “where he probably watches special ‘personal’ films when she’s not in” And gets the UK taxpayer to foot the bill!! ;)
  • Geoff
    'An Idea does not constitute an invention'? Tell Leonardo da Vinci that.
  • Jetpac
    an idea is an idea. Sure it is an invention of imagination but an idea it remains. An invention is an idea manifested in working form.
  • Rob
    He invented the internet just so he could be busy "doing research for his book" , the p**** .
  • pauski
    I have no idea - still working on imagination, however I can't imagine that?
  • RH
    "Pete Townshend out of the who" What did you do on your summer holiday? Try not to use "and" 382 times in the same sentence when you reply. Jeez.
  • John
    In 1981 I sold Roger Daltry an Atari 800 and a disk drive, a big sale at the time. He told me he was buying it 'cos Pete Townshend had brought his first computer a year beforehand and kept bugging him to buy the same.

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