The great Kindle cover up

27 September 2013

In news that will surprise no one, a quarter of Kindle readers are using their device to cover up the fact they are reading CHILDREN’S BOOKS AND PORN.


Yes, you might look like you’re devouring the latest Murakami on the way back from work, but actually millions of people are using their devices to read embarrassingly lightweight or rude books, like My Thong is on Fire, Confessions of a Shoe Addict or Baby’s First ABC.

Our ‘guilty’ reads were uncovered by a survey of 2000 Kindle users which was carried out by the Royal National Institute of The Blind to highlight the low amount of books available for the visually impaired.
It turns out that Kindles are effectively a digital brown paper bag to hide our Katie Price autobiographies and unofficial behind the scenes books about Strictly Come Dancing. 35% of readers said the most embarrassing title to be caught with was 50 Shades of Grey, followed by Mills and Boon and Jeffery Archer. 2 in 5 men said their greatest fear was being caught reading a romantic novel.

So next time you’re on the train, and you get an urge to read the latest Twilight story or Carol McGiffin’s autobiography, use your Kindle to make you look like a functional adult with a fully developed brain. No one will even know you are as dumb as a packet of ham.

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  • jokester2
    "...Royal National Institute of The Blind to highlight the low amount of books available for the visually impaired." In all fairness, blind people don't tend to buy books! I know some Kindles can read the book out, but can you even operate a Kindle fully without the ability to see? In other news, Apple are astonished by how few iPods are bought by deaf people... Bike shops are shocked by low sales of bikes to paraplegics.... etc
  • Helen K.
    On the plus side there's at least one website for the pig ignorant and hard of understanding to comment on. Bless.
  • Chewbie
    Flex with da erb
  • jokester2
    @Helen Keller You've finally found your perfect website then!

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