The Fujifilm 3D camera - welcome... to the world of tomorrow!

Remember when we told you how to build a 3D camera for that special occasion? Well Fujifilm have only gone and ripped our idea off* (*not really our idea) and turned it into the gosh-darned real thing! The Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W1 camera is coming to a high street store near you this Autumn, allowing you to photograph the world in 3D and view the results without the cardboard glasses you first got free with your copy of Look-In in 1984.

It's chunkier device than the Tom Thumb-sized digital cameras available now, housing two lenticular lenses and two photo sensors to create true stereoscopic images on the rear LCD screen. You can also print off the images onto lenticular paper, or view them in a custom digital photo frame with a lenticular screen, also to be released by Fujifilm. Lenticular printing is essentially the process by which multiple images can be overlayed to produce the impression of movement, such as on advertising hoardings and cereal packet cards, but Fujifilm have reportedly refined the process to produce highly detailed images.

Compared to the price of a knockabout digital camera, it'll cost a lot more - it's expected to retail at around £550 when it goes on sale later in the year. Prints are expected to be pretty pricey too at around £3 per image, but as with everything economies of scale will see those prices drop rapidly if the camera is a success.



  • MrRobin
    This is seriously cool! I regard myself as someone who keeps right up to date with new technologies and so when a new product is announced it's not really a bombshell but more of a 'oh at last!'. Somehow I seem to have missed this one altogether. If the pictures come out semi realistic and not just like one of those 3D birthday cards that hurt your eyes if you look at it for longer than 5 seconds then I will be seriously impressed!
  • ctuk
    want one
  • graeme
    i like this but i'm a pro photographer so wonder if it'll ever reach the DSLR market...imagine the size of that camera????
  • Colin
    Ahh, give me the good old "Cha Cha Method" any time. Of course, it still requires staring cross-eyed, no magic photo paper or anything. And don't use the flash if you don't want a headache and messed up stereoscopic image... And 3D cross-eyed porn is certainly an interesting genre. Staring cross-eyed at boobs...
  • Mark
    A parallax barrier screen for how much? One person at a time can look at this, requiring fiddling about whenever you view it so it doesn't look blurred ("Parallax adjustment"). There's a word which sums up this technology quite neatly: Gimmick.
  • numberwang
    Mark "gimmick" what you mean like 90% of technology today?
  • Mark
    I actually find that most technology does what it says on the box pretty well, even if I don't want it done. Asking someone to stand in a fixed postition and tweak some buttons to look at a 3D photoframe is no more convenient than asking them to put on some polarised glasses.
  • Lumoruk
    3D porn! sweet!
  • Aull
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