The Egg Minder – the most stupid product ever invented. Or is it?

I bet sometimes, when you’re at work, you break out into a cold sweat because you can’t remember how many eggs you have in the fridge. It’s a problem we all have to suffer on a daily basis. Doctors even have a name for the condition: ‘Eggxiety.’

Of course, nobody gives a flying one about how many eggs they have. But that hasn’t stopped a crowdsourced company called Quirky inventing Egg Minder. It’s an egg tray that connects to the Internet – and a smartphone app gives you a real time, live, up-to-the-minute egg count wherever you are in the world. Slightly more useful are the LEDs that tell you which eggs are the oldest and need to be used first.

But even so, it’s still POINTLESS. Even its makers have called it ‘superfluous’ and ‘a pain in the ass.’ But weirdly, they’ve been given money to develop it by a little company called…General Electric.

What the hell is going on? Well, the Internet is a massive place, full of unicorn porn and pictures of Miley Cyrus. But then there’s the idea of the Internet of Things, which refers to web connected objects which can become ‘self aware’. (Like Twine, a 'box of connectivity' which sends Twitter alerts for whatever you programme it to do.)

The Egg Minder, while being entirely useless, is a web connected Internet of Things eggstravaganza and could pave the way for other, perhaps slightly more useful, web connected products.

So there you go. Or you could just make an omelette and read a book instead.


  • Chewbacca
    Hello everyone. I'm back! Have you missed me? You fucking morons.
  • Sideysid
    What if you have a big family and eat Ostrich eggs?
  • JC
    I don't have an "ass" so it can't be a pain in mine!
  • Awen
    The dumbest thing about this is the price: $69.99. Really? Who in the name of scrambled eggs would pay $70 to have a reminder that you're low on eggs?

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