The complete and utter history of the internet

The entire history of the internet, rammed into eight minutes. That's an awful lot of skateboarding cats, badger badger badger badger, Bitterwallet and hardcore European pornography to squeeze in. What kind of psychopath, treading the wafer thin line of genius, would even begin to attempt such a foolhardy venture?

A man called Melih Bilgil, that's who. He's a German artist, and that fact isn't entirely lost on you once who've gazed into the monochromatic past of the world wide web:

Not as much fun as watching Noel Edmonds' Daily Mail-inspired man-mental routine on Saturday night television at the weekend, but infinitely more educational; you know this sort of stuff will come up at a pub quiz sooner or later.

[Gizmodo UK]


  • Evil G.
    Badger Badger Badger......... ahh memories.
  • Matt
    That is a really good video :-)
  • badmanz
    'the internets just a...... a series of tubes!'
  • Joff
    Damn you. I wasted at least a two-hour lecture on this at Uni when I should have been eating fried chicken.
  • Kevan
    Hmm, the history of the internet? Let me see, one beardy weirdy in the top office wanted to know when somebody had refulled the coffee pot in the rest room. So he set up a networked camera.....and it went downhill from there. Don't believe me? Try searching for it on Google.

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