The app that alerts you to parking spaces

7 August 2012

parking spaceFinding a parking space can be a proper pain in the arse, so someone has come up with an app which alerts you to vacant parking spaces. Presumably, it alerts everyone who has the same app, thereby maximising the potential for rage and fights.

Excellent news for pedestrians of course.

Small glass-domed sensors are being embedded in the centre of each bay and will tell if there's a car present, absent, or over-stayed its permitted time. These details will be sent to your phone, telling you where's free to park.

It seems that you'll be able to bagsy the slot with your phone and pay in advance, or indeed, top-up your fare if you think you'll be overrunning. Naturally, this will also work in the favour of those trying to rinse you for money by notifying wardens when you've outstayed your welcome.

A spokesman for Westminster City Council, who are trialling this gubbins, said: "This has potential for the whole country. We’re piloting the first system of its kind in the Europe from this Wednesday. Smart sensors are being installed in parking bays for the first time on-street in the UK. The sensors will provide the latest real time information about parking space availability, which people will then be able to view from their phones, iPad or tablet to find a vacant space."

"It will reduce congestion and minimize the need for motorists to endlessly trawl the streets searching for somewhere to park."

Could this be the end of parking meters?

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  • Alan
    Or instead of pissing around with your iPad you could have signs directing you to empty spaces. Already have it in a local shopping centre when I occasionally go
  • Sicknote
    I don't need an app I have a wife and she's always screaming at me.. "....there's one.....Oh you've missed that one you twat.........there's one.....Oh you've missed that one you prick.........there's one.....Oh you've missed that one you batty boy.........there's one.....Oh you've missed that one you fucking plum.........there's one.....Oh you've missed that one you dickless wonder.........there's one.....Oh you've missed that one you BAW BAG.........there's one.....Oh you've missed that one you knob end....."
  • Mad H.
    Encouraging people to use iPads while driving eh? What could possibly go wrong?
  • Nikey H.
    Is there a law against using your iPad while driving ?
  • Dicke C.
    And just for good measure the App connects to a remote server with all the info fed back to the traffic wardens....True. This means the Park Narks know when and where the next parking meter is going to expire and a nice £60 fine. Westminster are doing this for revenue not to help drivers.
  • lumoruk
    im going to shit on all the sensors, make sure everyone gets a fine
  • Nigel
    We had this in the shopping centre's underground parking - a light above the parking space showed Red if it was taken and Green if free, and it was also linked to the barriers so that if there are no free spaces you were kept waiting outside the barrier. Nice idea, till afer 1 year, and the sensors are all broken and all spaces show as "busy" all the time... At least it will keep the Apple fanboys happy. (" iPad or tablet " - when's an iPad not a tablet?)

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