The 10 secret controls of your iPhone headphones

17 August 2012

Well now. Have you got an iPhone? Or an iPod or iPad? Think you know it pretty well? In fairness, you might, but chances are, you weren't aware of the secret controls that your headphones have. You can use the 'phones controls and microphone for all manner of stuff, like ignoring calls or using your controls to take photos.

To show it off, here's a dead-eyed American lady to talk you through them all.

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  • Dai
    Those eyes... those eyes. I can only imagine the horrors she has lived through, the things she has seen that cannot be unseen, the eldritch horrors that team in the nightmares she awakes from every morning, the screaming and the stench of blood that fills every waking moment and WILL NOT STOP.
  • Ian P.
    I would.
  • Dick
    It also does basic morse code. If you are watching a video, and do long squeeze, tap tap, long squeeze, tap tap tap any women in the video immediately flash their tits at you.
  • Idi A.
    Me too, but she'd have to ask nicely.
  • Bob
    if you didn't know this, you shouldn't have an iphone. get an andrex or a android or whatever they call those things...

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