Tesco to launch own-brand smartphone... but might kill your local trade

6 May 2014

tesco bag Tesco are going to launch their first own-brand smartphone by the end of the year and by god, we hope it has Tesco Value blue-and-white striped branding.

Of course, the phone will run on Android and have a spec similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is rather fancy. There's a catch, of course. Tesco chief executive Philip Clarke has said that the handset will come with pre-installed Tesco services.

However, seeing as Tesco's Hudl flew off the shelves, people probably won't be too fussed about a bit of bloatware, if the price is right (there's a new version of the Hudl due in September too).

Anyone who has used a Samsung will know all about the pain of a company loading your phone up with junk you never use, so they might switch providers for a better deal.

This is another play by Philip Clarke to win over some fans at Tesco. Aside from new tech, he's beginning a "New Tesco", which will see more little shops and a focus on the needs of a local community, rather than opening enormomarkets. "It is," he said, "the end of new big stores."

So there you have it, Tesco will be offering a new phone and tablet, avoiding Tesco Extras and out of town shopping, but they're going after your local grocer and newsagent.

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  • David
    Keep up Bitterwallet! The Tesco Value range (and it's blue and white stripes) was dropped two years ago... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-17622856

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