Tesco testing in-store satnav app... wonder why?

tesco NEWTesco are looking at an in-store 'satnav' Android app which, apparently, will help shoppers find the products they want, instead of... well... y'know... the tried and tested method of just wandering around and finding things without an app.

Seriously. The worst that happens in a supermarket is that you have to ask one of the staff, and that rarely happens. It appears that this app is answering a question that no-one asked.

Tesco are saying that this application will show customers the shortest route to pick up everything they need on a 3D store map.

Of course, Tesco aren't doing this because they love you meeces to pieces. This is obviously their way of getting all that lovely information about our shopping habits and, in turn, using it to litter our route with offers and new products. We wouldn't be surprised if they actually sent shoppers on a wild goose chase, passing by all the stock they want to get shut of, taking us on a longer route than if we just aimlessly ambled around the store.

Not everyone at the supermarket giant is confident about the app. Nick Lansley, Head of R&D for Tesco.com, said: "Tesco sells a diabolic mix of products that reflect, refract and absorb signals. As the phone moves around, these three corrupters of signal purity will be in full force wrecking the ability of the app to work out where it is."


  • Dick
    Any app that lets you quickly locate spice jars with the letters C, U, N, and T on is good in my book.
  • Lost S.
    Brilliant idea. Especially since I can't get a phone or data signal in my local Tesco Extra anyway. Supermarkets generally are happy if you don't have a signal indoors - that way you can't compare prices and look for cheaper deals on the fly. IT'S A CONSPIRACY PEOPLE!!
  • Mark C.
    Aside from the fact that there isn't a single sizable supermarket in my area that doesn't kill phone signal, dead, it's still an idiotic idea. It won't tell Tesco anything about general shopping routines, just about those of the tiny minority who use the app, which will be changed by virtue of using the app. Plus it will fill stores with even more slack-jawed phone-staring cretins than there are already, if at all possible.
  • Slacker
    "Plus it will fill stores with even more slack-jawed phone-staring cretins than there are already, if at all possible." This.
  • Joff
    But seriously where are the cocktail sticks!!?
  • ash
    If the tossers stoped moving everything around ervy 2 fucking minutes then there wouldn't be a problem
  • Hugh J.
    What you mean, the days gone by that going in for bread and milk waaay at the back and being bombarded with this sort of shit, is done for? Tesco managers are so fucking obtuse, its funny.. Lidl has a far better signal ratio ;)
  • Ben
    So what? Some people will use it, some people won't. The app isn't out there murdering babies or raping cows is it. Typical pessimistic Bitterwallet.

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