Tesco show off their augmented reality service (Hmmm)

Tesco may be a shower of gits by offering the dole queues unpaid work, but they're not afraid of the future. They're introducing an augmented reality service which enables you plebs who can't afford to buy anything the chance to hold a Tesco Direct catalogue and see what products look like on your webcam on life-size 3D projections.

The Telegraph report that "more tech-savvy Tesco shoppers will be able to watch 3D film trailers projected onto a Tesco Clubcard and play with ‘virtual Pirates of the Carribean Lego’ on sale in the supermarket using their webcams at home."

A Tesco spokesman said: “This is a really exciting new technology which in this form is a relatively untapped opportunity in the UK. Thanks to our work with Kishino, augmented reality will allow customers to be closer to our product and interact in a way that has never previously been possible.”

Will anyone actually get anything useful from this service though? We haven't heard of anyone using Tesco's Android app which acted as an in-store sat nav.


  • The B.
    I remember playing with Augmented Reality when I first got my Android...... For about 10 minutes, then got bored with it, it's a marketeers wet dream but for any other purpose (with the possible exception of 3D mapping) it's useless.
  • Guy G.
    Failed big time and when I tried to leave feedback I got an error - "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 't work with a clubcard. had to tilt through 90 degrees and the pic disappeared,'' at line 2" Nice one Tesco.

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