Tesco launches Hudl2 next month

25 September 2014

HUDL Tesco have done a "Look! Over here! Shiny!" diversionary tactic after a grim week, and announced details of the launch of Hudl 2.

Now it turns out the secret reveal is going to be October 3rd.

The company has sent out invites to a launch with such crypticness as #letshudl on them... but who would want to huddle with people who just make stuff up in their accounts?

The company's Hudl page has also updated with a new section for customers to register for updates about the second generation tablet.

It looks like they're launching it in several colours. WHOOP!

The company assure us that the Hudl 2 will improve “on just about every area of its predecessor, from screen size to speed, design and accessories.”

Will it save Tesco? We have no idea. However it was one of the few successes the terminally mental company have had in recent times. Plans were afoot to release a Hudl phone too, but they can't be arsed now.

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