Tesco announce enhanced Hudl

6 December 2013

hudl With Aldi getting on the budget-friendly tablet wagon, the UK's appetite for cheap Android devices gets stronger. With that, Tesco's rousing success with Hudl is about to get an upgrade.

The £119 Hudl has flown off the shelves, selling around 300,000 thus far and Tesco have revealed that they're working on a second generation Hudl which will be launched next year.

The current Hudl has a decent spec, with a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB of storage and a resolution of 1,440 x 900 px. The new version, possibly called Hudl2, will no doubt have a quicker processor, better resolution and they'll invariably be looking at full HD resolution. You can assume it will run on Kit Kat and have more storage too. Looks like Tesco are fully intending to become a big player in the technology world.

Chief executive Phillip Clarke has been surprised with the success of the Hudl, recently telling the Guardian that sales have been more than what they "had originally planned in total in the run-up to Christmas". The Hudl has run out of stock twice already.

Naturally, Tesco will have to work on the image of the tablet as it is seen as something akin to Skoda (nice cars, once desperately uncool) to the Bentley of the iPad. However, money talks and Tesco could well forge a strong position in the market if they get the next Hudl right.

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  • Tits M.
    Skodas are still uncool. Bit like naming your kid 'Hitler' or 'Saddam'. I'm willing to bet they'll make an enhanced version of the huld2 the year after, and then the year after that also make an improved version of the hudl3... its called 'progress'. I'd love to see a baytrail win 8.1 tablet from them at under £200.
  • JonB
    Tesco has been committed to getting into the tech market since they started selling cheap own-brand DAB radios and Freeview boxes 6 years ago.
  • Darius
    My town's largest taxi company bought a fleet of Skodas earlier this year. I'm seriously tempted to buy one.

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