Terrorist Air Attack - stay classy, Android

3 March 2011

The great thing about developing games for Google's Android mobile operating system, is that there are no rules. Nobody can tell you what you can and can't publish in the Android Market; nobody's going to check up on you or refuse to let people download your app.

On the downside, there's Terrorist Air Attack - the game that flies hijacked passenger airliners into skyscrapers. Download it today, kids - or, alternatively, don't:

Bitterwallet - Terrorist Attack Android

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  • Mark G.
    I predict Steve Jobs citing this as an example of how Android supports terrorists by the end of the week.
  • Stew
    I wouldn't be surprised if someone from Apple had created this just to highlight the "dangerous" world of Android where there is no censorship...
  • Ed H.
    Meh. Had potential to be a humorous game, but it's not great. But seriously, whilst I like Google for not policing their market in the same way as Apple, this is pushing it and they will need to step in at some point.
  • klingelton
    if people think this is too far, they won't download/play it. simple. let the people decide. It probably is too far, but christ, this happened 10 years ago. if anything, this joke is just a little late. and let's face it, when MJ died, or beadle became "not about" how quick were those jokes to surface. Laugh or cry, the choice is yours. (I just to laugh at muis-fortune, even my own.)
  • Bin L.
    I don't try and shoot the planes, he he!
  • Dick
    That's the Western version of the game. There is also an Islamic version, where you control the planes. It's a bit like frogger, dodging bullets instead of cars.
  • Carl
    I'm sorry, I thought this was Bitterwallet, not the Daily Mail. You describe it as "the game that flies hijacked passenger airliners into skyscrapers.", the inference being that the player's objective is to be a terrorist. Yet, a cursory glance at the screenshot shows that the purpose of the game is to prevent the planes flying into the buildings.
  • Ian
    Given your slanted view on this game perhaps you could run the rule over Modern Warfare. Oh and a film review of Dambusters perhaps?
  • Brad
    Im sure they will appreciate the publicity, Ive said it before and ill say it again, people need to stop being so outraged about everything.

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