Ten of the best from Bitterwallet's year that was: numbers 2 and 1...

And so we reach the official end of 2009, with a look at the two top stories that you, the faceless readers have been clicking on more than any other. Check out the rest of the top ten here.

Bitterwallet - Orange call centre 2: Thousands can cancel Orange contracts after loophole is opened

Back in August, silly old Orange tried to change the terms and conditions of their customers’ contracts, substantially increasing the cost of minutes above and beyond the customers’ monthly limits.

In other words, they were breaking their part of the bargain and Orange users immediately had the right to cancel the contract without any penalty charges.

At first Orange weren’t having it, but before long, masses of you, armed with our cancellation guide were cancelling in your droves. Then Orange went and sealed up the loophole and everything went back to normal. But it wasn’t the most popular story of the year. Oh no, that was…

1: Probably supposed to be ‘ready for a shot’

Yes. This is the big one. A misprint on a camera box. A swear word. Possibly photoshopped. The most popular Bitterwallet story of 2009. Almost 110,000 hits. Seriously. Heaven help us.



  • MyOtherUserNameIsAFerrari
    Where did Mike Hock go??
  • Ducky
    It's an easy mistake to make. I and O are very close together on my keyboard.
  • none
    Just checked and they are pretty close on my keyboard too, wonder how many people have this same issue.
  • Simon
    Ih, O appear ti have the same ossue.
  • Brian
    His is funny.
  • Jack
    Haha, I've looked for the real box but can't find it. Hopefully its real :D but probably not

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