Telecom companies moan at Google for people using the internet

12 April 2010

youtube-logoGoogle have become something of a bogeyman to some people. They facilitate illegal activity (for those looking for it, mind you) and China hates them. Now, some of Europe’s biggest telecoms groups are irritated by Google for... well... something perfectly legal and you'd think, something that they'd be rather pleased about.

See, these companies are moaning about what they perceive to be YouTube's 'free-ride' with Google.

Telefónica, France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom all said Google should start paying them for carrying bandwidth-gobbling content such as YouTube video over their networks. Some of these groups are concerned that Google is reducing them to nothing more than "dumb pipes" because the internet search and advertising company pays the network operators little or nothing for carrying content. In fairness, they are nothing more than dumb pipes - dumb pipes that people pay money for to use the internet all the time.

César Alierta, chairman of Telefónica, said Google should share some of its online advertising revenue with the telecoms groups:

“These guys are using the networks and they don’t pay anybody,” he said.

Mr Alierta said that if no revenue sharing agreement was possible between the internet search engines led by Google and the network operators, regulators should supervise a settlement. Presumably, they'll want to strike out a deal with every other search engine as well, who also provide shit-loads of traffic for the multitude of video-streaming sites?



  • Mac P.
  • tommy
  • David
    This is a bit like charging the cinema and restaurant for the cost of providing the road so that people can drive there. And charging the road-users as well. Bonkers. Google didn't get rich by handing out cash to the pipe-providers.
  • Gunn
    No surprise there, whenever someone or something makes a lot of cash, others want a piece of the pie. It is the people that users that use Youtube so charging them makes no sense
  • BobF
    Its only because the dumb pipe operators know they cant charge their customers directly because they will all switch to someone else. Nor can they block the content as users will leave too.
  • NellieIrrelevant
    This old chestnut. years ago the ISPs boasted how great it was to have these high-sped connections so you could watch vids ond download stuff on line. As soon as the BBC and YouTube made it possible, the ISPs started moaning that it was too much of a strain on their networks. They're selling the conduits. Google & co are providing the content, without which no-one would want the bloody conduits. The ISPs should be paying Google.
  • turtles
    Telefónica, France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom o2, Orange and T-Mobile
  • Dan
    I'm sure YouTube's bandwidth bill is already huge, they'll be paying someone for a stupid amount of connectivity to an incredibly huge server farm.
  • JonnySpandex
    The most moronic part about this is we pay to use the pissing mobile internet on our contracts/payg phones!! Why should Google pay for us to receive data that we've already paid for the privilage of being able to use it!
  • Codify
    Wow. You've just discovered the topic of Net Neutrality. Well done guys, only about five years behind the rest of the web, as usual.
  • Simon B.
    Telecom companies have been pushing unlimited connections cheaper and faster for years. If the sums are starting to fail to add up now that more users utilise more bandwidth, then it is up to them to address this. Google can serve what they like as far as I am concerned, just so long as they are paying tax to our government on the revenue they generate from advertising in this country.
  • Ashley H.
    @Codify Why do you read a blog that's five years old. Do you like to pretend it's 2005, the year before you got raped?
  • Ashley H.
    The problem is, ISPs compete so much in price that they can't actually offer a decent service for virtually nothing per month.
  • JonnySpandex
    @Ashley Hancock No he just chooses to think he's brilliant and we're lame YET he was sad enough to try and point this out purely to satisfy he seemingly enlarged ego. No one else will do it for him, so he must do it himself... @Codify Piss off and read something else then?

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