Teens say Facebook is SO OVER

25 October 2013

Teenagers really do prefer to do their bitching, griping and monosyllabic droning on Twitter instead of Facebook. Last year, Facebook was rated the most important social network by 42% of teenagers – this year that number has slipped to 23%. They said they didn’t like Facebook because of ‘drama’, ‘too many adults’ and ‘oversharing’. (Isn’t that what they LOVE?)


But although teens prefer Twitter and Instagram, they admit that Facebook is a social necessity, like standing around shiftily outside chip shops and asking people to go to the offy for them. According to the study by investment company Piper Jaffray, who creepily study the online and buying behaviour of adolescents, teenagers still have on average 300 Facebook friends and only 79 Twitter followers.

Mark Zuckerberg, sitting in a room full of money, was unconcerned at the news. ‘People assume that we’re trying to be cool. It’s never been my goal. I’m the least cool person there is! We’re almost 10 years old so we’re definitely not a niche thing any more so that kind of angle for coolness is done for us.’

Fickle teens are also getting really into Snapchat and Vine, so they can sext each other and make videos of themselves picking their spots.

And that is the end of the junior edition of the social networking news.

In other teenager-related stories, that girl over there is PROPER BUTTERS OMG what a skank (etc.)

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  • badger
    When everybody's doing it - even, like, old people - it's not cool any more. That's how it's always worked. I can see Bebo and Myspace making a comeback. (Of course they won't make a comeback).
  • shiftynifty
    Whats that coming over the hill...is it a ...next!
  • digibanger
    my wife just started using facebook. I mean -- for the first time - -last night so it must be deed

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