Technics turntables are coming back

bad dj Even though the DJ on the right is performing without needles, doesn't have slipmats, a mixer or even records, fact is, he's using some Technics turntables. 1210s to be precise.

That's because Technics are every DJ's favourite decks, so you can imagine the consternation when it was announced in 2010, that they were no longer being produced.

Well, Panasonic - who own the Technics brand - have decided to start making them again, as part of a revival for the famous brand.

Much of what is planned is still under wraps, but it looks like there's going to be a host of Technics products like amps, headphones and of course, direct drive turntables. It looks like they'll be unveiled and on the market some time between April 2016 and March 2017.

Panasonic showed off a prototype of the new turnable at some industry show, which is made from aluminium and basically looks a bit like a metal kitchen sink from a secondary school.

See for yourself. You could play records and drain your cutlery on the side of these rascals.


The innards are going to be rebuilt, but Panasonic assure vinyl enthusiasts that they'll be as responsive as the old turntables, so don't you worry just yet.

"Turntables are a very iconic product for the Technics brand," Michiko Ogawa, director of Technics and executive officer at Panasonic, told Wired. "It is important to show our sincere dedication [to that]. The turntable market is very small but it is a very important brand product."

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