TechCrunch can take AOL's money, but they'll never take our readers

We hear you, TechCrunch. You're a big, oh-so powerful blog that dominates the world of new technology and start-ups. And now you've taken the millions placed on the table by AOL. You probably spent last night flicking through brochures for yachts and Scottish castles. Damn you, TechCrunch. Damn you all.

The thing is, now you've got the money - isn't that enough for you? Because from where we're standing, it seems you've just declared war on our avid Bitterwallet readership. Don't know what we're talking about? Sure you don't. Only problem is, avid Bitterwallet reader Steve sent us this damning evidence:

Bitterwallet - avid TechCrunch readers

What the fuck is that? Your readers are avid now too, are they? Coincidence? You've got millions under the bed and you think you can just have them? Screw you, Arrington. Screw you and the solid gold unicorn you've just ordered for your downstairs toilet.


  • Michael
    Still don't know how much they got!!
  • PokeHerPete
    FourSquare... what a piece of shit. Just like Gowalla. When will all the social spaztards realise that noone cares about tweeting where they are. Ive just become the mayor of my nans outside loo.
  • Paul C.
    Delete it. Bloody typos
  • issac h.
    I prefer Avid Merrion

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