TalkTalk tops Ofcom league of ineptitude

21 April 2011

talk talk logoTalkTalk are not only named after a woeful '80s band, but they're also topping the league of Ofcom's complaints league!

That's right kiddiekins! TalkTalk are the most complained-about provider when it comes to landlines and broadband services (ahem, between October 2010 and February 2011). They had an impressive 1.78 complaints for every 1,000 customers.

The least complained about were O2 who had a pathetic 0.04 complaints per 1,000. They need to buck their ideas up.

Ofcom have said that they saw a peak in complaints about TalkTalk in November 2010, following their investigation into the company for incorrectly billing consumers for cancelled services. That saw TalkTalk paying out £2.5m in compensation to 62,500 people.

Ed Richards, Ofcom's chief executive, said: "Consumers should have access to as much information as possible to allow them to choose between providers and to take full advantage of the competition in the sector. By publishing complaints data Ofcom aims to provide useful information to consumers, and also to give telecoms providers an incentive to improve their customer service."

You've been told.

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  • Avid R.
    Been with them for three years, never had a problem. Last year they were charging me £6.99 broadband (40GB cap) + approx. £12.99 line rental. Threatened to leave last month, and they are now giving me £6.99 broadband (80GB cap) + £12.99 line rental with unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines (including 0870 and 0845 numbers)
  • Gravy
    Talk Talk (the band) were actually pretty decent.
  • talk t.
    for fox bumming
  • CaptainCretin
    Miz Talk Talk phoned me last night and tried to get me to switch providers; the woman seem quite surprised when I told them I wouldnt because they were useless. The woman protested that they had 4 million customers, so they couldnt be all that bad and I replied that I now knew the exact number of idiots living in the UK.

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