TalkTalk to 'revolutionise' PayTV while Sky make iPad app a remote control

televisionTelevision sets, apart from improved picture and being generally lighter to carry, aren't radically different from what they were 10 years ago. Considering the rest of media has changed so dramatically, what gives?

Well, here comes an apparent revolution in the form of TalkTalk who have kicked off their new television service, which just so happens to promise to revolutionise pay TV.

7.5million people still don't want to pay a subscription for television, so will TalkTalk be going budget? Sky are certainly moving into that area, launching NowTV, which is an internet based service (presumably in an attempt to stop people watching hooky football matches on their laptops).

Anyway, the TalkTalk TV service is aiming high and chief executive Dido Harding said: "Our scale ambitions are every bit as big as they were for free broadband, and this time we are going to do it well." This new service will use a YouView set-top box, combining a DVR with a Freeview channel receiver and an internet connection for TVOD. It'll cost £299 but will be free for TalkTalk's 1.1 million top-tier customers, along with a year-long subscription to Lovefilm online video rentals, unlimited broadband and free calls to UK landlines. TalkTalk will also resell Sky Sports channels and Sky Movies. The crucial difference is that customers will be able to subscribe to one channel at a time for a month at a time, rather than having to buy bundles. "This is going to transform TalkTalk and transform the market," said chairman Charles Dunstone.

Elsewhere, Sky is turning their iPad app into a remote control for Sky+ set-top boxes. "In the year ahead, we have a strong pipeline of innovative new products and services planned for release," the company said in a statement. "We plan to enhance the functionality of the Sky+ app to allow customers to use the iPad as a remote control for browsing the EPG, managing their Sky+ planner and selecting programmes to watch, pause, fast forward and rewind."


  • Kevin
    '7.5million people still don’t want to pay a subscription for television' Don't want to or can't afford to?
  • Tony B.
    Don't want to. I can easily afford it, but Sky isn't getting any of my cash. They can fuck right off.
  • Eh?
    Do you think it is Dido the singer? I was wondering what happened to her!
  • catweazle
    How about Sky develop an app to stop their frigging prices going up every September?
  • moss
    how do you know if you are a top tier customer. or do you just [i]know[/i] if you are

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