TalkTalk to defy Government's three strikes

Peter Mandelson has made himself ever so popular with the folks who like free stuff by proposing a three strikes rule. Illegal downloaders don't know whether to worry, laugh, shrug or get cracking with downloading every single recorded sound ever.

Well, flying in the face of it all is TalkTalk who have said that they'll mount a legal action against the government's plan to cut off the internet connections of copyright violators.

Writing on the TalkTalk blog, the company's executive director of strategy and regulation Andrew Heaney said: "The approach is based on the principle of 'guilty until proven innocent' and substitutes proper judicial process for a kangaroo court.

"We know this approach will lead to wrongful accusations. TalkTalk will continue to resist any attempts to make it impose technical measures on its customers unless directed to do so by a court or recognised tribunal.

"In the event we are instructed to impose extra-judicial technical measures we will challenge the instruction in the courts."

One of the big concerns is that this approach from the Government (read: The Man if you're that way inclined) will see an increase of Wi-Fi hacking by people trying get around the measures.  TalkTalk even staged a wireless stunt recently to show how easy it is to hack into most wireless networks, even if the user has basic security software enabled.



  • Spencer
    When will the music industry learn.... You will not kill piracy.... Ever. You would think looking back through history that the 'industry' would have learnt from it's mistakes. But no. Every attempt to put an end to piracy only creates the next generation. Shutting down napster was easy, you just cut the head off, but that opened up p2p through the likes of limewire and kazaa. They poisoned that with bogus files and virals but that just created the opening for torrents. Now they're trying to clamp down on that. And once torrent traffic is restricted, newsgroups will become more and more popular. And so on and so on. Whatever the industry does to put an end to piracy will just make pirates harder to stop. The sooner the industry realises that the sooner it can stop wasting money on trying to fight it,
  • Pizza_D_Action
    All this stupid "three strikes" rule will do is force me to buy a "Top 40 Albums" dvd from a bloke down the market again instead of downloading it myself.... HOWEVER if TalkTalk are the only company to fight this (which I doubt they will be) then they will gain a LOT of custom from the whole debacle.
  • Gaz
    How can you stop someone accessing the internet, we have free wifi in most town centres now or you could just walk into Tescos & buy a mobile broadband dongle, top up with no user information given & away you go. Would be impossible to police & will only affect wired broadband providers, hence Talk Talk not willing to partake.
  • Encryption F.
    Technically naive Govts versus the Geeks of the world who like free stuff... who will win? Erm... the Geeks of course ;-)
  • bob
    YAWN. its never going to happen. any isp who brings this in will lose alot of custom overnight. will they want to dent their profits on the say so of the government? no. its virtually impossible to prove whos downloaded something anyway
  • Amanda H.
    You dont need to hack into other peoples wifi networks, I have several networks around me, and only mine and one other network is password protected. Most people here have a BT network, but havent set any password at all. You would have thought their software would have forced some sort of protection for those who dont know how/why.
  • Shure
    EU voted Internet is a human right.
  • laptops
    hmm, I used to have a very bad opinion of TalkTalk. I think that might just change with this.
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. Does this just affect downloaders of Pirate music, or can it cut my supply of FREEEEEE downloaded pirate porn?
  • Big F.
    It is wrong to pirate stuff you know :(
  • Me
    It's a lot better than murder, though. Or shagging animals.
  • DirtyPixel
    Shagging animals is wrong???!!!
  • Zlad
    Shagging pirates is wrong.
  • Chandler B.
    "You wouldnt shoot a policeman, steal his helmet, urinate in it, then give it back to the policeman's grieving widow, then steal it back again?" Piracy is EXACTLY the same.... lol
  • Lumoruk
    no its not, it's like having an orgasm inside your missus while she has one too
  • Shadow
    @laptops they are not doing it for the consumers. They don't want to increase their costs. TalkTalk work on geting as many people on their system as possible to spread the cost.
  • mdcdeve
    Indeed, they wont kill piracy as has been in a previous post. This policy is taking a huge step back in freedom and technology. The cassette tape is a good image, reminds me of when they used to protest recording from the radio. None of this will kill the movie or music industry, or any industry for that matter. "They" need to evolve with the times, make better products, create better ways of delivering that product and convince the consumer to part with their money. The actual effect piracy has on industry is tiny, the industry and government bosses and so called experts are so out of touch with how things work. This is not the right approach.
  • dave
    "no its not, it’s like having an orgasm inside your missus while she has one too" What women come too?
  • Big F.
  • Amanda H.
    If you want to stop piracy, you will have to make products cheaper..... and stop delaying the release of films to milk the cinema cashcow.
  • Big F.
    Our local cinema charges £2.50. If there was something I wanted to watch I'd pay the £2.50 rather than arseing about downloading etc.
  • The B.
    All my neighbours wireless networks are locked down and I'm sure if I could be arsed I could hack them as there's no encryption on wireless networks. Anyone with half a brain would just use an anonymous proxy for downloads anyway, stitch that Meddlesome.
  • Jeffrey A.
    SSL Newsgroups ftw.
  • Stuart
    I am an amateur film maker belonging to a club of like minded souls, and we download/upload our efforts on to secure online storage facilities (rapidshare). This involves many hundreds of gigabytes a month. Am I now to be accused of piracy because I use the net more than others, even though I own the copyright of the material. My isp (btinternet) already throttle my speeds at peak times, even though my uploading is carried out in the early hours of the morning.
  • Mark
    Funny how music was alive and well over a hundred years ago before it was exploited by the invention of mass-produced recordings. The result of this is hardly anybody knows how to make music anymore, which is one of the ways people used to enjoy themselves without getting hammered every evening. Remember kids: Buying recordings is killing home music (and it's legal).
  • Monkey_Boy
    @encryption boy "The Geeks will inherit the Earth" I may or may not have an unlimited cinema card. I may or may not have an SSL Newsgroups subscription I'm not sure whether I should feel guilty or not? I'm also old and bought most of the music I listen to back in the 80s and 90s so generally I'm not interested in new music.
  • negbobsquarepants
    If they played anything other than mass produced shite on the radio there would be less need to download music. Ever notice how it's the crap like Lily Allen and co. that are complaining about the downloaders, and REAL musicians that tend to be pro-download. Wonder why that is, maybe so they can peddle crap and earn as much money as possible out of it while anyone with an ounce of talent never gets played on the radio at peak times, no one ever hears about them and when you can't "pirate" the stuff to see if it's any good before committing to buy it their sales slump.
  • zeddy
    @mdcdeve: "None of this will kill the movie or music industry, or any industry for that matter. “They” need to evolve with the times, make better products, create better ways of delivering that product and convince the consumer to part with their money." And how does the poor artist do this when you can take it for free???
  • Sloman
    @negbobsquarepants The only reason Lilly Allen made it big was she offered her tracks for free on myspace and now she is against it hahaha
  • Scare B.
    [...] might be aware of Peter ‘Lord’ Mandelson’s utterly dickish plans for kicking filesharers off the internet after they’ve been caught out three times. Basically, the scheme has got more stinking holes in [...]

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