TalkTalk Launching 80Mbps Broadband

14 March 2012

TalkTalkTalkTalk have announced that they're going to launch a new 80Mbps fiber-optic broadband service. Within the next few weeks (whatever that means), some TalkTalk customers will be able to get 80Mbps rather than the BT-maximum of 40Mbps, which is nice.

If you're interested, you're urged to register to receive the improved download service.

This upgrade will boost upload speeds up to 20Mbps and will cost £15 extra per month (that's to get a FTTC upgrade from a TalkTalk standard package to the 80Mbps service).

BT Openreach, who are the network providing the platform for TalkTalk's new service, said "FTTC currently delivers up to 40Mbps downstream and up to 10Mbps upstream. The rough doubling of these speeds marks a significant milestone in BT's development of the technology and is expected to deliver a significant boost to households and businesses within BT's fibre footprint."

Broadband is going to be so fast soon, that it'll melt your hands when you use it. Or something.

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  • AJ
    TalkTalk couldnt give me a stable 2MB service, went to VM, never looked back TalkTalk can go to hell
  • RS
    Awesome, Been with talktalk for over 2 years yet to have a problem with their BB and I am sure this will be a success
  • Sicknote
    Excellent news - Talk Talk will have a shit load more customers complaining about their service and world shittiest customer service.
  • pedant
    Fiber? Why are they installing the American version of fibre -optics?
  • Bob
    Hhhmmm actually ADSL24, BT retail and SKY will also be launching packages !! Openreach provide to all of them 80 / 20 connections ! the more choice for us the better !!
  • Tweedskin
    All well and good but TalkTalk have consistently proved themselves to be ShitShit.
  • DJDarren
    My lower than 2mb service is a testament to what an unmitigated piece of shit Talk Talk are. I've got more chance of growing a cunt than these pricks extending the service where I live, on the outskirts of Southampton. In short, TT can get fucked.
  • Damien B.
    These companies will throw these speeds about willy nilly but they'll still throttle the only services where speed is important such as P2P or streaming. Loading a website 80mbs is virtually the same as loading it at 2mbs
  • Boris
    Why no mention of my bloody brilliant Underground why-fy network success? Inspired by the homeless kerfuffle in the States I have decided to place a geeky virgin in all of my stations all wired up to the intermerweb with GGGG class cables or some such. You can do all of that important stuff so that you never ever have to put your phone away! Don't use it to take pictures of the pickpocket posters though. You'll be shot for terrorism.
  • David B.
    It would be nice if talk talk could provide me and all its other rural users who pay the same as their more favoured urban users with more than 300KPS yes! KPS so that we too can enjoy using the net rather than watching the Buffering wheel all day, reminiscent of the potters wheel interludes for those old enough to remember
  • Chris E.
    I've never really had a large issue with TT, then again, I tend not to call them, as they're quite a bad CS. Unless yuo go through their retention team, which seems to offer some nice deals. Got F/O mid January, They've not commented on my 200-300GB/dl month just yet.
  • Emma J.
    Talk Talk are the worst company I've ever had to deal with. I've supposedly got their broadband essentials package and had 0.8mbps internet speed for the last 2 months. Broadband needs to be 2mbps to legally be classed as broadband. Finally after about 8 calls and an engineer visit they finally give us 11mbps only for it to be on/off constantly. It is not stable enough to use and they won't do anything about it and just fob me off. I have today cancelled my direct debit with them mid contract as they aren't giving me a usable service so I'm not paying to be shut of them. They are an utter disgrace to the telecoms industry. Beware people, and avoid like the plague!

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