TalkTalk kicks on with TV project, despite being awful

4 September 2012

TalkTalkTalkTalk are tottering toward mobiles and TV in a hope of becoming the new Virgin Media, which is nice because it makes some new jobs for people. There'll be a lot of engineers needed to install services in people's homes, so that's all well and good (apart from the £50 service charge, which isn't so great).

However, there's the small matter of TalkTalk grinning while a towering pile of complaints hang over their heads. Remember when they first appeared, offering free internet? Remember it all going awry?

Well, there's potential trouble already. TalkTalk have been trying to control the speed at which they roll-out their new services, which means people may be waiting for no good reason. Dido Harding (real name, big-wig at TalkTalk) said: "This will be the first time TalkTalk engineers have been going into people's homes. We want to make absolutely sure that they're the right people with the right manner as well as appropriate skills."

"We're adopting a measured and controlled approach to ensure the launch of YouView from TalkTalk goes smoothly."

Let us not forget that only last August, the company was fined a whopping £3million by Ofcom for "breaching consumer rules" and that A National Newspaper gave TalkTalk the wooden spoon for the worst customer service in the UK.

Approach with caution.

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