TalkTalk hemorrhage customers

15 November 2011

TalkTalkTalkTalk, on the back of a massive £3million fine from watchdog Ofcom, are continuing to have a lousy close of 2011 after they lost 43,000 subscribers.

The telco has been failing to sort out its billing systems and has been chided for a poor customer service. Not only that, but quarter-on-quarter revenue is down from £443m to £421m.

TalkTalk attributes some of that decline to its "reduction in the total customer base". Head honcho of the company, Dido Harding, claims that customer service is actually improving.

"We are pleased that we are delivering a better experience for our customers, demonstrated by the continuing reduction in calls into our contact centres and a significant increase in the number of customers' queries being resolved first time," she said. "This reflects our priority to improve customer experience and make our end to end systems and processes both more effective and more efficient."

However, she admitted: "There is a lag between these initiatives and improvements in customer numbers, but we are confident that the effects will soon become more apparent."

Looking to the future, TalkTalk hope things improve with customers look at using the controversial website-blocking product, Homesafe, which they launched in May. Elsewhere, they're looking at their investment of YouView - a next-generation set-top box jointly owned by the UK's terrestrial broadcasters.


  • The B.
    As an ex Tiscali customer I have to ask, arethere Talk Talk customers out there that are happy with the service? Or are they just too lazy to move?
  • TalkTalk N.
    [...] with customer numbersFinancial TimesTalkTalk loses more broadband usersThe Press AssociationBitterwallet -Reuters UK -Marketingall 19 news [...]
  • Ritchie R.
    Talk Talk customer service is improving ? Where are they getting that from I have had calls upon calls from them about my bills, internet and new products. I'm with B.T not Talk Talk!! I wanted to get my internet with Talk Talk , but they told me the "free" option was not available in "my area" (it is and has been for several friends) They can supply it though for £10-£15 depending on who your talking to?? They tell me my friends are on a different exchange? Wrong there is only one in the village? They say I'm too far from exchange ? Wrong I can almost touch it out my back window. They tell me I can only get 2mb speed yet for past 8 years I have been enjoying 8mb from BT, Virgin and Znet. No offence , but indian call centre DON'T WORK !
  • klingelton
    I was a tiscali customer - looks like i got out at the right time.
  • Liam
    TalkTalk is poor. I have a line fault and they promised it would take 2 days to send a BT Openreach engineer to fix. I got a call last night expecting the fault to be fixed, only to be asked if I could repeat the tests before they called BT out - despite doing this 3 days before. Sky looks promising for the Anytime+ service, but a lack of fibre puts me off.
  • TechLogon
    Only 43,000? Shame. Offshoring tech support to India is cheap but doesn't work. If you want proof just ring the sales team - they will be UK, well trained staff, because they want your money and that's the best way to get it! Once they've got you on a contract they don't care, hence you're fobbed off to sub-standard foreign call centers... Customers who stick with the same rotten provider (whilst moaning about them) are also partly to blame for letting them get away with it - not all ISPs are the same, you often get what you pay for.
  • The G.
    "We are pleased that we are delivering a better experience for our customers, demonstrated by the continuing reduction in calls into our contact centres " No, the reduction in calls to your contact centres is demonstrated by you having less customers. Less TalkTalk customers = less people with problems = less calls to contact centres.
  • mob
    im with talktalk purely for price reasons, and touch wood i havent had to call them up regarding a problem. therefore im not a happy customer, i'm just a customer. i am however delighted with their ineptitude when it comes to managing a contract - originally signed up for a 2 year deal to get a phone line installed for free and 6 months half price... then recently rang after 1 year when the modem was playing up and they offered me to resign a 12 month contract with new modem and half price line rental and broadband for 9 months. 2 year contract turned into 1 year with a cheap renewal. the bloke on the phone took his time to explain the deal so i'll give him his dues- just need to wait to see if these discounts are actually applied. of course by which time its too late to cancel under DSR. grumble.
  • klingelton
    about offshore tech support. it's not fair to say they're not intelligent or well trained. the fact is - they are usually very intelligent people (i believe hearing something about needing a university education to work in a call centre in india). The main problems arise with the mannarisms of the people you speak to - culturally the way they interact with customers and each other is very different to this country in that they are often far more abrupt and will happily speak over each other. Remembering on top of that they work incredibly long hours, AND that they often are forced to stick religiously to scripts provided by the people that do the outsourcing (thus making these people appear inflexible) they work in a very difficult situation. Add on top of all this a ranting frustrated customer and you have a mix for an incredibly stressed call centre operative. Please remember this when you're faced with an overseas call centre and remember to keep calm and talk to these people CALMLY! you will acheive far more. if that fails. you will need to complain, remember that complaining to the call centre manager or operative will achieve nothing. oh and if they offer you some change to your contract, do not take that as gospel. get it in writing - if you don't get anything, assume no change has occured.

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