TalkTalk gets rid of separate line rental for ultrafast broadband

24 June 2015

TalkTalk TalkTalk has decided to scrap line rental for their own broadband network in York. This, they say, is offering an ultrafast connection at a "all-in" price.

They reckon that this will give York's dwellers with broadband that is (more than) 12 times faster than the top speed on BT’s network for £21.70 with no extra fees. Not only that, they say that it will charge no more for ultrafast broadband than they charges for standard broadband in other bits of the county.

With line rental going up by roughly 60% since 2008, this looks like a decent move by TalkTalk. However, it is only any use to you if you live in York. And not all of York, as only certain areas will get this deal.

The reason it isn't being offered around the country is, according to TalkTalk, BT's fault. TalkTalk relies on wholesale access to the BT network, and if they start offering this to everyone, they'll be penalised by comparison websites.

The reason that this isn't applicable to some York residents, is that the operator is building their own all-fibre-optic network in the city, in partnership with Sky.

TalkTalk say that this network will offer speeds of one gigabit per second, and BT’s network has a top speed of 76 megabits per second.

Lady Harding, big cheese at TalkTalk, said this is a milestone in TalkTalk efforts to win investor support for networks in other cities: "We are now starting to have very serious discussions with investors."

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