TalkTalk get told off by ASA over "misleading" adverts

Bitterwallet - TalkTalkThe Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) have slapped TalkTalk's naughty legs after they told fibs over price claims and comparisons in adverts. TalkTalk is now sat on the naughty step thinking about what they've done while secretly harbouring resentment against everyone in the world.

This all came about after BT and Plusnet grassed them up, noting that prices quoted in TalkTalk's commercials were either unsubstantiated, compared dissimilar products, or did not include BT discounts. Sadly for TalkTalk, all four complaints against them were upheld.

Plusnet claimed TalkTalk didn't offer "unbeatable value phone and broadband" because they reckoned they offered a comparable package which was in fact, cheaper.

“We put this to TalkTalk who said the claim "unbeatable value phone and broadband" referred to value, a concept which, while related to price was not solely assessed on price,” the ASA said in its ruling. “It said TalkTalk Essentials offered a download limit three times the size of the Plusnet download limit and also had potentially faster speeds. TalkTalk stated that Plusnet was attempting to introduce an objective element (price) to the interpretation of a subjective claim (value).”

There will be more of these contests between ISPs are the ASA has decided to clamp down on people being a bit generous when advertising speeds of "up to" 20 or 24Mbits/sec and the like.



  • The D.
    Pah! That's a good one coming from Plusnet - they're shite.
  • I Y.
    Plusnet are far from shite. They're just not good for heavy downloaders..perfectly fine for 95% of the UK though..
  • The B.
    Nope, Plusnet are shite, I was with them for over a year with no problems but the final 3 months were diabolical, line dropping out intermittently, staff being next to useless in listening to anything you had to say, I'd never recommend them.
  • Marky M.
    I used to use as my ISP when its service was provided by globalnet. They were really good, the tech support knew what they were talking about and the price was competitive. Then globalnet merged with plusnet and the service nosedived. I gave them the boot when the English-not-first-language call centre tried to blame my connection for the outages (it wasn't). Interestingly, Waitrose later closed their ISP service. Perhaps they got cheesed off with plusnet too.
  • Shonk
    The whole way that adsl is sold sucks full stop I get the full 20479 downstream from sky which is what the easnet dslam's sync in at with the 20480 profile due to massive atm overheads i only get 17.6mbit now when i was on ntl i used to get 19.8meg which is just tcpip overheads And the worst part is due to being on easnet dslam gear thats conexant and being sent a broadcom modem the max i could sync at was 984kbps upstream and that was after around 20 resyncs for the best one I have had to hack my password so i could use a conexant chipset modem i sync at 1129kbps now due to sky enforcing a 8.5db target noise margin on the upstream even thoug they say its set to 7 i never ever train in under 8.5 any decent isp i would train in at the full 1.3mbit at a target of 6 db Anyway my rant about upstream is the same 1129 totals 962kbps of usable bandwidth 20meg products should be sold as upto 17.6meg and 24meg products should be sold as upto 20 meg as there's no way you will ever see 20/24 meg
  • worto
    talktalk are wankers
  • Laurz
    Yet another company that is found guilty of false advertising yet is allowed to go relatively unpunished. ANY company found guilty of false or misleading advertising should be BANNED from using the same media of advertising for the next 12 months. eg if a TV ad campaign is misleading then they should be banned from advertising on TV for the next 12 months, a radio ad would mean the company is banned from advertising on radio for 12 months and so on. This would be on top of any existing fine.

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