TalkTalk and Orange top complaints

22 March 2012

TalkTalkOfcom have released some data which points squarely at TalkTalk and Orange and says 'you're not popular amongst your customers are you?'

Figures for landline services show Ofcom received the most complaints about TalkTalk, mainly because of issues concerning billing and customer service. Virgin Media meanwhile attracted the fewest complaints, which remarkably makes it the least complained about landline provider for the last five quarters.

There was bad news for TalkTalk elsewhere as they generated the most complaints among fixed broadband providers.

Ofcom said complaints about mobile providers were much lower, but of those, Orange have the most complained-about service, seemingly driven by their announcement to increase their monthly plan prices for all customers including those who were tied into existing contracts.

So if you get your landline from TalkTalk and have an Orange mobile, then sorry about the hairloss and constant indigestion.

A TalkTalk spokesman said: "We're pleased that Ofcom saw less than half as many complaints about our broadband service than this time last year. While there will always be variations in the quarterly data we are confident that the long-term trend is positive - fewer complaints, more calls being resolved first time and improving customer service. There is more work to do but we are confident that the measures we've put in place are paying dividends."

An Orange spokesman was more depressed: "We are disappointed to have performed less well in this report, particularly as Ofcom ranked us joint first for overall customer satisfaction for mobile operators in a previous report. We understand our performance is reflective of our Pay Monthly price increases communicated to customers in December.

"We will take on board the findings from the Ofcom report, and continue to look to make improvements in the area of customer satisfaction through our existing employee training programme, customer feedback reviews and our investment in technology."

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