TalkTalk ad banned for claiming to be "UK's safest"

4 January 2012

TalkTalkNot content with losing a bumload of customers and being frequently complained about, TalkTalk have now irritated the Advertising Standards Authority.

The ASA have told TalkTalk that they're not allowed to claim that their new internet security system - HomeSafe - is the "UK's safest broadband" after BT snitched on them and won a ruling from the watchdog who determined that it offers only "basic security".

BT took umbrage with a TV spot, posters and national press campaigns that made the claim.

TalkTalk argued that the claim was legitimate as they're the only home broadband provider in the UK to apply security features at a "network level". Basically, they're the only ones providing alerts to us when we visit to sites with potential viruses as well as putting a parental lock on certain sites.

Alas, TalkTalk admitted that its claim of being the "safest" only related to where the broadband connection enters a household and not wireless connections to devices around a house. Basically, they had to concede that they aren't providing "the UK's safest online experience" at all.

The ASA said that the claims used in TalkTalk's advertising implied that users would have the safest online experience of any provider and, with that, customers would assume safety from viruses and hacks. The watchdog also noted that most people wouldn't understand what the term "network level security" meant. As such, the ASA said the campaign was misleading and banned it.

Don't forget - TalkTalk are one of the finalists in our Worst Company in Britain 2011 poll - you've got until midnight tonight to make your vote count.

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  • The B.
    Talk Talk safe? Of course they are, that's why their web mail uses SSL, it doesn't? Oh hold on, that's right, it's clear text so anyone sniffing can see your password.
  • xNand
    Are you sure you're not getting Webmail (which is encrypted - just tested now) and POP3 mixed up??? POP3 communication is unencrypted!
  • Dick
    I disagree with the ASA here. TalkTalk are the safest since they are so crap you give up trying to use the internet at all, and hence have maximum protection.
  • corbyboy
    Don't BT claim to have the UK's "most complete" broadband. What on Earth is that supposed to mean?
  • klingelton
    @corbyboy A non-sensical claim is much more legal than a false claim!
  • The B.
    @xNand this one - Even if I change it to https it submits to http and logs me in unsecurely. Maybe its because I'm using a Tiscali account?
  • Simon
    Me thinks TalkTalk should shut the fuck up

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