TalkTalk activate parental control while hemorrhaging customers

7 February 2012

TalkTalkNew TalkTalk customers have got a little treat waiting for them. They're going to be unable to activate their broadband unless they choose what kinds of content should be blocked. Just what everyone was asking for, eh?

This scheme is supposed to make parents aware of the parental controls, thereby protecting The Poor, Vulnerable Children from internet dangers. They can still get royally bullied at school though. There's nothing you can do about that.

Parents will be able to block one of seven categories (you can block them all, obviously) – porn, dating, gambling, gaming, suicide, social networking and weapons and violence. An email or text will be sent if anyone tries changing the controls without your say-so.

TalkTalk launched Homesafe last year, aimed at preventing kids from seeing explicit content online and the like, but obviously, it didn't work and hardly anyone opted-in. Alas, this appears to be all too little, too late as it's been reported that the company have seen huge swathes of customers dumping them.

It's now five consecutive quarters of customer defections, with 50,000 going elsewhere in the three months to the end of December.

That now makes 170,000 lost customers since November 2010.

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  • A H.
    Perhaps if they tried not being such a pitifully shit company, with one of the worst customer service call centres on Earth, they'd retain customers, rather than forcing people to restrict access to their own internet?
  • callum
    They aren't forcing people to restrict access to their own internet, they are forcing people to DECIDE if they want to restrict access or not. I.e. instead of just ignoring it, you have to specifically tell them whether you want anything blocked or not.
  • tin
    Customer service. Not everyone is swayed by you just being cheap.
  • Sicknote
    I heard they were rebranding the company from TalkTalk to ShitShitWankWank to better aligned with the services and products they offer. Personally, I would rather stuff live wasps up my arse than use this bunch of fuckwits again.
  • Mike H.
    That's all kids look at innit? Well, that and Cmmon' don't spoil the kids fun.

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